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Zakher Travel Group of Companies team has made the commitment to live and work with honesty and sincerity.

We stand behind our word and honor any commitments we make. We are consistent in our decisions while recognizing that to be fair we must be flexible. We are ethical and respectful of ourselves and others.” We support personal and professional development.

Our values support the mission of Zakher Travel. They are the essence of our identity and provide the guiding principles to our behavior and the relationships we have with our customers and partners. They include:

  • Integrity… We are guided by the highest standards of professional ethics.
  • Quality… We are result-oriented and committed to providing services of the highest quality to our customers.
  • Transparency… We operate in a consultative and transparent manner.
  • Timeliness… We are responsive and make every effort to meet set targets.
  • Teamwork… We foster teamwork and value mutual trust and respect
  • Honesty… We always act in good faith and are trustful.
  • Justice… We adhere to the principle of natural justice.
  • Objectivity… We favor meritocracy and base our decisions on rigorous analysis of evidence.
  • Innovative: We aim to be the best in the business in everything
  • Commercial: We think strategically and we deliver results.

Zakher Travel main objectives are to:

  • to influence people to travel to Azerbaijan, including for events,
  • to influence people travelling to Azerbaijan to also travel throughout Azerbaijan,
  • to influence Azerbaijanis to travel throughout Azerbaijan, including for events,
  • to help foster a sustainable tourism industry in Azerbaijan, and
  • to help increase the economic benefits to Azerbaijan from tourism.