Kazakhstan is home to many different nationalities and faiths, all united by a common history. This variety of tradition, heritage and language is treasured by the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who believe there is much truth in the Japanese saying: “You can survive without your relatives; you cannot survive without your neighbors.”

The people of Kazakhstan are proud of their diversity. Century after century, generation after generation, Kazakhstan has always sought to encourage friendship and tolerance among its people.

Currently around 130 nationalities populate Kazakhstan. Around 66% are Kazakhs, 21% are Russians and the remaining 13% constitutes Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Germans and Tartars. The predominant religions are Islam and Christianity.

The Star Called Almaty

Certain world cities stand out due to their iconic and memorable landmarks. The mere mention of San Francisco, for example, usually conjures an image of the Golden Gate Bridge. Paris similarly brings to mind the Eiffel Tower. For Kazakhstan, the city of Almaty offers an enduring image with its picturesque valley Medeo.

Almaty is a city that successfully brings together people of different cultures. Eastern and European traditions are closely interwoven here and the city’s inhabitants are open-minded and friendly. The city has a well-developed infrastructure, a solid standard of living, a strong economy and recreational facilities of international standard.

Almaty, Kazakhstan


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